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ASO Affordability Calculator

This calculator will help you to determine how much of a mortgage loan you can afford and/or qualify for.

Complete or change the entry fields in the "Input" column of all three sections. The calculator will automatically recalculate anytime you press the Tab key after making a change to an input field.

  ASO's Lending Requirements Inputs Outputs
1. Rate:  %
2. Years:  years
3. Number Of Payments Per Year:
4. Equity Down Payment:  
  Borrower's Information Inputs Outputs
Gross Monthly Income
5. Salary:    N
6. Bonuses:    N
7. Commissions:    N
8. Other:    N
Total Gross Income: N
Monthly Obligations
9. Mortgage/Rent Payments:    N
10. Personal Expenses:    N
11. Loans:    N
12. Other:    N
Total Obligations: N
Affordability Information Inputs Outputs
Mortgage Amount: N
Borrower's Equity Amount: N
Monthly Mortgage Payments: N
Home Affordability Amount: N